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Why Frozen Liquid Web Hosting?

You have probably taken a peek around the website and are asking yourself, "What makes Frozen Liquid Web Hosting different from any other web hosting company?"

First off, our servers are fast. All of our servers are running mod_gzip and PHP Accelerator. PHP Accelerator compiles and caches your PHP code and skips the compiling step and jumps straight to the execution phase. This results in substantial speed-ups in medium to large dynamic sites using PHP. Before the web page leaves the server, mod_gzip takes the page and compresses it. This results in less bandwidth usage which in turn translates in to faster load times for all users, most obvious to users with analog modem connections.

Secondly, Frozen Liquid Web Hosting is not a huge web hosting conglomerate. If you have a question, it will most likely end up in the hands of the same guys who run the web servers. You will not be talking to a clueless tech support person who will run around in circles, before deciding to forward your call to a higher level technician. We are flexible and can help arrange customized solutions for our clients that the big conglomerates can't touch.

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